Carola Bravo is represented by Bernice Steinbaum

Carola Bravo is a Miami based artist well known for her immersive video-installations, site-specific installations, urban interventions, and intimate studio artworks that address space, changing territories and their geometry.  Her work revolves around the immemorial dilemma between reality and illusion and the philosophical dilemmas of knowledge.  Her proposal is a permanent reification of space through the projection of the images that evoke it, exploring the possibility that spaces might retain a sort of memory of the actions that have taken place in them and constituing a kind of subjective architecture.  Bravo is a trained architect, a lover of literature, a Doctorate Candidate for a Ph.D in Architecture from The Central University in Venezuela, from where she also obtained, in 2003, a Master in Art History. She received her BSc in Architecture from the Philadelphia Colleges of the Arts, Philadephia, USA, in 1987.